Chicken With An Addiction To Tim Hortons Keeps Crossing The Road

Image: CBC News
Image: CBC News

For several weeks now, a chicken in Shediac, New Brunswick, has been crossing the road, clearing the parking lot of delicious crumbs and then crossing again and returning home.

The chicken’s home—she lives as a pet with a local family—is across the street from the Tim Hortons, which, a worker told CBC News, the chicken might have an “addiction” to. Sometimes, the chicken needs help crossing the road, other times, cars stop for it, and it walks itself, taking up to 10 minutes for each crossing. Please enjoy this in depth reporting from CBC, which includes no less than four people giving reporters their thoughts about the chicken.

From CBC News:

Motorists have been stopping on busy Main Street to let it cross, and locals have often escorted it back to safety.

“Two days ago, it was some schoolkids that were escorting him, and stopping traffic,” she said.

Tim Hortons regulars have noticed its presence too.

“I was in here, having a coffee, bunch of guys … and seen a chicken!” said Donald Bourgoin, a regular customer.

“It’s a nice plump brown chicken,” said Larry Blanchard, who comes three times a day to this Tim Hortons.

“And it clucks, and it screeches and it pecks.”

What is the chicken after?

“He wants a coffee. A double-double!” [Marcelle Leger, a worker at the Tim Horton’s] said laughing.


If the chicken is addicted, she had better get help soon. The street is described as quite busy and, inevitably, it’ll be a speeding car that helps her get to the other side. And there are no Tim Hortons parking lots after death. At least, not in chicken heaven.

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And now, the age-old mystery has been solved. Thank you, Canadian Dunkin Donuts.