Chicago Auto Show: Second City Swag Watch

No journalists can leave the Chicago Auto Show without a bagful of little trinkets from automakers and suppliers (under $25, always). For the purpose of full disclosure and minor amusement, we had our CAS intern, Kevin Bradley, throw together a list of all the swag we received on the first day. We can also thank K-Brad for all of the various swag shots. If you're lucky, some of this stuff will end up as contest prizes in the future. Photos and full details below:

Intern Kevin's Swag Watch

Swag from Suzuki for the launch of the Suzuki Equator was an Automoblox, a modular toy for three year old children. It's neat that it's modular and can be put together in all sorts of different combinations, only one of which actually makes sense. It's even funnier that it has the Suzuki badge on the front given that, in essence, that's what an Equator is.

From Motor Week was an anti-gravitational magnetic pen modeled after a shift knob that cradles itself in a weighted base.

From Toyota is a screen-printed t-shirt flooded with Matrix logos. It would be a sweet shirt... if it wasn't a Toyota Matrix. provided a low-quality battery powered cell phone charger, along with it is approximately 953 attachments for different cell phone charger ports, none of which fit any of our phones. Due to it's shoddy quality and inferior third world country design, a simple action such as inserting the battery backwards caused the unit to warm up to ridiculous temperatures.


(In addition to interning at auto shows, Kevin Bradley is an electrical engineering major based out of Dekalb, Illinois and an all-around great guy. Check out his website, the eponymous

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