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Chevy Volt: Taste The Rainbow

Illustration for article titled Chevy Volt: Taste The Rainbow

An aspiring designer at GMInsideNews has taken it upon himself to restyle the Chevy Volt, responding to criticism that the plug-in corporate savior is a bit on the bland side. Aside from applying a selection of questionable hues to the Volt, he sketched in "lightning bolt zigzag style headlights" in an effort to give the design some teeth. The beltline has also been jacked into a pseudo-G6 high-rise tribute, resulting in an effort that's arguably more derivative than the prevealed Volt we've already seen. What do you think? Full renderings in technicolor goodness after the jump.

Illustration for article titled Chevy Volt: Taste The Rainbow


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Basically every change he made to the Volt makes it look about ten times worse. And for the record, placing door handles that high on the doors, so close to the windows, is NOT a good look. In fact, it's downright awkward. Just look at the '08-'09 Focus-uh and the new Merc C-class's crooked handles. BAD! NO BITE!