Chevy Volt: First Drive?

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We'd love to drive the Chevy Volt test mule like Wired and others, but we're pretty sure the Volt PR team is afraid of us. As well they should be. We actually have readers. [Wired]

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Autoblog drove this, too. Personally, I'm done with the Volt. If they manage to come out with a finished product, it will still only seat 4 and cost too much...and it certainly won't save GM. Toyota has sold over a million Prii and the new one is even better than the first - and yet they still experience quarterly losses in this Carpocalypse.

The Volt may well end up being only marginally more successful than GM's current listless phalanx of hybrids, and I forsee the typical GM fiasco of having either too many or too few on dealer lots, with resulting price-gauging or incentivizing.