All photos via Chevrolet

What do you do when you’ve got a lot of state pride and a lot of race track? You drive around that race track waving the glory of the red, white and blue—the Lone Star one, of course. Everything is bigger in Texas, y’all.

The Texas Motor Speedway and Chevy offices evidently got bored enough over the week to attempt to break an obscure Guinness World Record for flag pulling, so they hooked a Texas flag (and some other flag with more stars) to the back of a new Silverado HD and drove around the race track. Disappointingly, the other flag—which represents a collective of states where you may or may not be able to secure good barbecue and breakfast tacos—actually broke the record.

The world record was for the largest flag pulled by a moving vehicle, and the Guinness website doesn’t appear to list the previous record holder. The other flag pictured above measured nearly 40 feet by 80 feet with an area of 3,186 square feet, and Chevy’s press release says it had to be pulled 328 feet without touching the ground. The truck pulled the flag for four laps around the 1.5-mile (7,920-foot) track, easily breaking the world record. Great job, other flag.

Anyway, the real show came later when they brought out a massive Texas flag to commemorate the State Fair of Texas that kicked off on Friday. Just look at this beauty! There’s nothing more to say.



Texas, y’all. This is how we do things.