Chevy Tell Us Dogs Like Trucks. This Sounds Familiar.

Chevy may run deep, but maybe they should have dug a little deeper for an idea. Chevy's new spot features dogs with a fondness for trucks. Back in 1998, Nissan spent millions telling us that dogs love trucks.

Few things go together better than dogs and trucks. (Unless we're talking about a shih-tzu, then it's dogs and beige Cadillac deVilles with vinyl tops.) It makes perfect sense that an ad agency creative team looking to press the button marked "Americana" would come up with an idea featuring home movies with dogs in Chevy trucks.

Trouble is, unless the entire staff of the Goodby ad agency is under age 30 (they're not), how could they have missed a multimillion-dollar TV campaign titled "Dogs Love Trucks" from Nissan?

The ad agency is very funny about "borrowing" ideas. Somebody owes the guys at Nissan agency Chiat/Day an apology. Or a job.

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I thought dogs love station wagons. Whenever I see a dog in a vehicle, 99 out of a 100 times it's in a station wagon. But maybe that's because I live on the other side of the big pond.