Some SUV buyers tend to feel that they're captaining the dreadnoughts of the road, impervious to all harm and thus free to futz with cupholders and electronic gadgetry rather than pay attention to traffic signals. In this incident in Texas- which, fortunately, did not result in any major injuries- a Chevy Tahoe was T-boned by a Mini Cooper and flipped right over. LeMons Neon racer and Enzo rejuvenator Matt Groner sends us these photos and a description of the wreck written by his friend, who was behind the wheel of the Mini:

These pictures were taken by one of the firemen who were called to the scene, with his camera phone. The officials who responded to the accident could not believe that the Mini (and I) sustained so little damage. The other vehicle involved is a Chevy Tahoe. I was driving south on a one-way street and the other driver was driving west, also on a one-way street. The other driver ran a red light (that had been red for a long time) and appeared in the intersection just in front of me as I came through. I didn't even see them. I hit the passenger's side of Tahoe head-on, and the Tahoe rolled. In one of the pictures, you can see the Mini-shaped dent in the vehicle that is on its side. The driver of the Tahoe was unhurt and did get a ticket. She was also insured.