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To the surprise of nobody GM's introducing a High Country luxury trim variant for the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HDand 3500HD pickups. The gas, CNG, and Duramax diesel will all be available with the saddle brown leather and banjo bangin' Bose stereo I came to like in Chevy's top-tier pickup.

2500's get some sexy split five-spoke 20" wheels, 3500 trucks have to make do with 18's and dual rear-wheelers only get polished 17's.


Beyond the wheels and extra chrome detailing at every corner, the Silverado Heavy Duty High Country trucks are the same beasts as the other GM 2500 and 2500 pickups.

High Country Chevy Trucks are inherently pretty well equipped, but things like a sunroof, navigation and a Blu-Ray/DVD player are still optional extras.

I liked the heavy duty Chevys when I drove them, and the High Country has it's own kind of appeal I came to understand after spending a few days with it in the Arizona desert. Is this extra dash of glitz enough to get pique your interest in Chevy's Heavy Duty line?


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