Chevy Should Go Ahead And Start Selling That Firefighter Silverado

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GM has been taunting me with this firefighter-kitted 2014 Chevrolet Silverado for months, even pandering to my childish fascination with rescue vehicles by turning on the swath of LEDs for me at last month's Chicago Auto Show. You know what guys, just build the damn thing.

As a concept, it's really not that impressive. We get it, you can put lights and a tool box on your pickup. But as a dealer-assembled package, this thing would be awesome.


Actually, that's a great idea. Firefighters love pickups, and many of them love letting everyone know they're firefighters. I know, because I am one (see?)

Every time I leave my firehouse I have to wade through a parking lot full of lifted, lowered, or somehow modified pickups to find my sedan. These are guys and gals that love their trucks, and for the most part opt to "buy" rather than "build."

I think bolting a few LEDs and some cool toolboxes on a few pickups at dealerships would be an easy way for GM to get the attention of some public-service customers. Who would be an excellent fan base for a purveyor of utility vehicles to deepen their grip in.


Maybe the vinyl package could be toned down a bit, but a dealer could easily install the racks, front bar, tools, and lights to create Chevrolet's "Volunteer Firefighter Silverado" and at the very least have something pretty to put on their lot.

Pair it with some nonsensical incentive like "free donuts if you show your firefighter ID when you sign for a new Silverado!" and I reckon GM would have themselves a hit.


In fact, incentives might even pop up organically. Volunteer public servants get income tax breaks here in New York State, and I'd be willing to bet there are vehicle purchasing benefits in at least some states as well.

I think GM's ignoring some low-hanging fruit here. Do you think The General could make some easy money off a package like this or would it be more trouble than it's worth?


Images: Brian Williams

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