Chevy Says It's Fixed Its Corvette Frunk Issues

Chevy’s had some issues with the C8 Corvette’s frunk, namely that it had to issue a recall some ‘Vettes to fix the internal trunk release, while some owners reported that the frunk was flying open at speed, with a software update issued this week to address that.


Both fixes, in fact, were over-the-air software updates, though owners of recalled vehicles could also take their Corvettes into the dealer to be serviced. With the first issue, Chevy updated the software of the car to “allow the [interior] release switch to always work, free of charge,” instead of, in some Corvettes, not functioning after the car had been shut off for 10 minutes.

The other fix was a bit thornier: Some owners had complained that the frunk was opening while they were driving, which seemed in some part attributed to accidentally pressing the key fob, which only required the frunk release button to be hit twice for the frunk to pop.

As Tadge Juechter, the executive chief engineer for the Corvette explains in the video below, that is no longer the case:

As Juechter explains, the frunk release still requires two presses of the button but not also requires that second press to be held longer. Probably more importantly, Chevy modified the software so that the speed is limited to 26 mph if the car senses that the frunk is open.

A Chevy spokesman said Chevy thinks this should fix things for now.

“Based on our internal investigation into this issue, we believe this OTA software update addresses the existing concerns,” the spokesman said.


And let’s hope the fixes do work, though if they don’t I’m sure it won’t be long till we hear about it. There’s a whole galaxy of YouTube videos out there showing the frunk issues and a separate galaxy of YouTube videos offering theories and fixes. Corvette people are nothing if not passionate.

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It was on fire when I got here

Would think that maybe setting the speed for frunk opening to zero may be a good idea