Chevy Cruze Unveiled in Paris

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GM just officially unveiled the Chevy Cruze’s interior in Paris, and it’s surprisingly nice. Maybe a bit Honda-like, but welcoming and contemporary nonetheless. Aside from the colorful fabric inserts, the new global economy car’s dash relies on an integrated center stack that does away with traditional partitions for the interfaces, grouping them all into one, central unit. Also noteworthy are the attractive instruments. In fact, looking at these pictures, it’s hard to tell that the Cruze will be a bargain, inside; it looks almost as up-market as a 2008 Honda Accord. The release follows the jump.

Paris – Today General Motors President and Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson and Ed Welburn, vice president of Global Design revealed the all-new Chevrolet Cruze at a special premiere event at the “Le Pavillon Dauphine”, located in the heart of Paris. The event was attended by approximately 350 journalists from around the world, who also saw the reveal of the Chevrolet Orlando show car and the European premieres of the Chevrolet Volt and Camaro. Media and guests got a first-hand look at the arching roof-line of the Cruze that extends from the steeply raked windshield to its sloping rear pillars and short rear deck, bringing coupe-like proportions to a compact sedan. “Tight panel-fits and shut lines, a restrained use of exterior trim, a dual bezel design on the headlamps, an integrated rear spoiler - everywhere your eye settles, there are fine details that add to that sense of substance and value,” Ed Welburn said at the presentation of the Cruze. Chevrolet’s mantra that exciting design and value are not mutually exclusive is also reflected in the interior. It carries a new level of detailed execution, spaciousness, and appointments that stand out in the segment. While putting emphasis on comfort, spaciousness and a sporty appeal, interior designers and engineers set a goal to create a cockpit environment that is harmonious, flowing and uniquely inviting to the senses. “The interior must build a relationship with drivers. It’s where they spend their time,” says David Lyon, executive director of GM Interior Design. “Fabric is warm and inviting in ways plastics cannot be. It offers unique detail with fibers, colors and textures. Instead of limiting fabric to seats, we spread that warmth and luxury throughout the vehicle.” Another contributing factor to the refined look is an integrated center stack (ICS) design which houses the infotainment display, radio and HVAC controls. It eliminates traditional framing of these interfaces, resulting in a contemporary, flush and harmonious relationship between control heads and outlying surfaces. Sales of the Chevrolet Cruze will start in Europe in March 2009, followed by other global regions. The arrival of the new compact vehicle spearheads a roll-out of new products for Chevrolet, expected to further propel the global growth of brand.


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Bob1967 - 999,999th visitor to this site.

Outside of the car is very good, looks solid I'd chuck the kids in it and drag them round the supermarket, family workhorse but the interior is just more tap tap tap, too much plastic those very same kids would destroy it too easily, but like the man said show me the base model in the flesh, from the UK point of view its never gonna out sell the Mondeo so I doubt I'll see many, if any.