Chevron and EVgo Partner to Build Fast Chargers at Gas Stations

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EVgo wants to bring electric car charging infrastructure to the mainstream by fitting them in convenient places. Far too often are electric charging stations placed in the middle of nowhere without even so much as shelter from the rain or a place to relieve yourself. It makes sense to place these battery top up spots at locations with a (sometimes) clean WC, and a little store with a few snacks and beverages for the road. That’s why Chevron is jumping on the EV bandwagon.


This move makes sense for EVgo as it gives people a convenient place to charge for a bit. In my eyes, it makes even more sense for Chevron, as they are currently not getting EV driver dollars at all. At least this way, the fueling station will bring in additional revenue on convenient Snickers bars and Slushees sold to Chevy Bolt drivers waiting on their cars to charge up.

EVgo claims you can get about 90 miles of range in 30 minutes, so long as your car can accept DC Fast Charging. So now the fueling stations have a captive customer for about 30 minutes of charge time. Where a gas customer will fill up in ten minutes or so, rush in for a pee and a packet of jerkey and get back on the road, EV folks will have the opportunity to take their time.

Furthermore, the fuel station owners can make a cut of the charging revenue based on real estate and usage.

“We are excited to be working with EVgo to install electric vehicle charging stations at select locations in California,” said Alice Flesher, general manager of Chevron’s company-owned and operated network of motor fuel stations. “While gasoline and diesel remain an important part of California’s transportation energy mix, we are always exploring how to evolve our offering, helping improve the consumer experience and working to remain the preferred brand choice on the West Coast.”

“We believe the future of transportation is electric, and EVgo is helping everyone—including traditional fueling stations—take advantage of the benefits of EV adoption,” says Cathy Zoi, EVgo CEO. “EVgo is excited to work with Chevron to bring fast-charging to gas stations today and applauds the company’s forward-thinking efforts to serve the rapidly growing market of electric vehicle drivers in California.”


With up to 100 kW of charging capacity, EVgo currently has chargers up and running in Menlo Park, California fuel stops. This plan to expand will begin in California, adding locations in LA, San Francisco, Aliso Viejo, Manhattan Beach, and Venice.

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I am glad to see more charging stations, but gas stations are definitely not where I want to spend 30 minutes waiting for my car to charge, unless they plan to put in a real coffee shop and tables and chairs.

Also: 90 miles in 30 minutes? That’s only about 50kW. Why not install 150kW or higher chargers?