Chevrolet Will Use Bright Colors And Silly Names To Woo A Young Audience At SEMA

Building upon their already notorious hipster netting campaign, Chevrolet is taking its sales tactics to the floor of the SEMA convention this week. Aimed at Millennials, the Spark Sinister and other mass-customized Sparks and Cruzes will be shown off.


I never realized there was anything sinister about the Chevy Spark, other than the fact that its Hello Kitty-friendly styling seems poised to attack the general state of masculinity. But this edgy little econobox will be painted black and decked out with fender flares, so look out.

Along with the Sonic Z-Spec 1 and 2.5 concepts, the Cruze Upscale, and the Color Run Spark, these models are designed to show young buyers that Chevy is customizable and hip. We've already seen the Pink Out Spark, which is a nice gesture toward the American Cancer Society, but has a name that unfortunately conjures unwanted images of that thing your dog does when he's really excited.

But all trash talking aside, the Cruze and the Sonic Z-Spec models, with their sporty trim and rumbly exhaust systems, actually look pretty cool. The Cruze is a fun car to drive, after all, and with the price of gasoline creeping ever higher, small-displacement is suddenly cool.


Photo credit: Chevrolet

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