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Chelsea FC Captain Runs Over Security Guard

Illustration for article titled Chelsea FC Captain Runs Over Security Guard

English footballer and shagger of teammate's girlfriends, John Terry, is in more trouble after injuring a security guard in a car accident at the Chelsea stadium. Terry claims he was unaware of the incident, driving home without stopping.


A Chelsea spokesperson explained the incident, "When driving out of the stadium at approximately 1-2 mph in a queue of traffic exiting the ground, his car was surrounded by photographers and fans. In the melee that ensued a member of Chelsea's security staff was knocked to the ground, making contact with the car. He suffered a badly bruised leg. John was aware at the time that there was a lot of contact with his car during the incident, but not that anyone was injured as a result."

Things aren't shaping up well for the England team ahead of this summer's World Cup in South Africa. Ashley Cole and David Beckham are out with injuries while Terry's affair with fellow teammate Wayne Bridge's French model girlfriend has sent the team into chaos. Team USA must really be looking forward to their first match, against England, on June 12. [via BBC Sport]

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A stadium full of rowdy drunks and long moments of boredom interspersed with brief moments of excitement.

It's like European NASCAR.