Check Out This Wild Steam-Powered Jeep Wrangler 6x6 For Sale

For sale: a massive, huge, six-wheeled, fire-and-smoke-and-steam-breathing Jeep. Steam powerplant not included.


The big boiler is headed back to a steam power museum, while the rest of the Jeep is going up for sale at Pennsylvania’s Haük Designs.

What you get is not the V4 steam engine that manages to consume a 55-gallon tank of water to move the vehicle up to 1.5 miles, as Motor1 reports, but you do get the rest of the six-wheel-converted Wrangler.

This means that sadly you will not be able to say that your Jeep gets a worst-in-class 0.03 miles per gallon (of water), but it’s still a strong choice for your driveway.

Also yes, it’s a six-speed manual.

More to the point, the idea of going with steam power just seems inherently right for a vehicle like this. Off-roading, particularly in Pennsylvania, kind of has a reclaim the old ways kind of vibe to it. You’re getting back into the feel of when going to work meant throwing levers and engaging actuators and doing big power things with big power machines.

A six-wheel drive Jeep is really the ideal vehicle to get you to the smelting factory at the top of a quarry, or whatever other work fantasy you might have. Just look at it power forward with absolute authority. A diesel truck looks at this thing with envy.

Price is on inquiry here, but watch the above videos of the Jeep in action before you think about what powerplant should go back into this thing. Steam doesn’t seem like the worst idea.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



I kinda get why someone would build it - why not - but I don’t know why someone would buy it.