Check Out This Cheap Wireless Endoscope

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Screenshot: Tested on YouTube

Working on your own car can be great loads of fun, saving you some big money while you learn new skills. One of the challenges of fixing your own cars is getting your eyes places they can’t normally get to. Given the fact humans don’t have wireless eyes, I’ll have to offer you the next best thing: A Cheap Wireless Endoscope.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped a tool or a bolt and to my horror, it didn’t go all the way through the engine bay to the floor. As you probably know, that can turn a quick job into an all-day nightmare if you lose it hard enough.

Former co-host of Mythbusters Adam Savage recently introduced me to the cheap endoscope that could make at least some of those situations a thing of the past on his Tested YouTube channel. This one wirelessly connects to your phone for a live feed of what its looking at. It even has a neat little flashlight to light up wherever you’re going to stick it.

While Savage uses it to look at his shoe, I immediately imagined shoving into the tight areas of an engine to locate the bits and pieces that have fallen through from up top.

I can see this being used as a borescope to check engine and transmission internals for damage as well. Shoot, the possibilities are endless. Searching wireless endoscope on eBay and Amazon yields an astonishing variety of options. In fact, I just purchased one for myself. We’ll see how I put it to the test!

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Here is a top tip, if you like your tools to work all the time, for a long time, buy one with an integrated screen.

App support goes through waves, eventually your app may stop being supported then you are out of luck if you need to restore your phone. Also connecting to the phone is a giant pain. If I have to take the scope out, turn it on, get my phone to disconnect from the other wireless devices, sync up with the scope then get the app going, it is a giant pain. Also invariably your phone gest rested in some dirty, precarious positions. At best, it gets your phone dirty, at worst, it ends up in the pan of oil under the car. I ended up buying one with a dedicated screen and haven’t looked back at my phone scope.