I’ve had two S63 AMG press cars while employed for Jalopnik. I never took photos of the second one, but I did the first—and never shared them. Here they are!

All photos credit Mike Roselli/Jalopnik.

A family let me use their farmland for photographs. They were very nice.

I took these while the sun was setting which, pro tip, is always a good idea.


I’m always terrified of a car’s battery dying while I shoot so I keep them running, but so much heat was expelled from the S63 it actually heated the grass below to the point where you could smell it. If only digital photos could be scratch and sniff.

I spent roughly 15 minutes jockeying the car to get the silver arrow logo to line up with the AMG logo on the brake caliper because those sort of things matter to me.

Mercedes changed the wheel for 2016 and put more spokes in it but I miss this one because it looks like a smiley face and because of that, I smile. :)


There is selectable mood lighting in the car and in this photo, I had it set to “red”.

In this photo, it was set to “blue”, which I think is the best contrast against the white leather.

I wonder what this car’s electric bill would be if it were hooked up to a meter.


I also drove the S63 to a church, where one of my friends was trying the knot.

As far as “vehicles to be whisked away from a church as a married couple in” go, this is a pretty good one.

My dad and I rigged this adorable “just married” sign and I immediately threw it back in the trunk once we started driving because I feared the cans would bounce back into the car and smash a taillight.


I did pull it back out when we got to the reception, because I wanted proof I had successfully delivered the happy couple and the car to the venue without crashing. That would’ve been a tough one to explain.

I promise to take pics of the next S63 I drive.