Check Out These Amazing Car Magazine and Book Finds

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There’s a great old bookstore in the town over from me, but it’s open really erratic hours. I think the hours of operation are determined by the numerical day of the year divided by the square root of broccoli, or something. All I know is that every time I pass it, it’s closed, except for the other day, when I saw they were actually open. I did a handbrake turn into a rack of bicycles, and bolted inside.


I was not disappointed with what I found in the six minutes they remained open: a recent copy of an extremely hard-to-find focused-enthusiast car magazine, IN:Sufferable, the definitive journal for the jackass that’s only focused on one kind of car, forever. It’s as fantastic as you’d expect.

I also found a copy of the out-of-print 2004 novel, What I Got, I Know, which is, as far as I know, the only piece of erotic fiction ever published that’s focused entirely on the process of selling and buying cars on Craigslist.

Good stuff. I can’t wait to go back when they’re open again, which I think is 50 minutes a day and two hours after midnight for every non-Thursday or Sunday from now until halfway through Michaelmas, if I understood the sign on the door correctly.

(By the way, I just got an email from someone asking about the book there, so I should emphasize this is satire. I faked the book and magazine images. For fun.)

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Sweet Odyssey II joystick!  The console can’t be too far away, they were hardwired together.