Check Out This Shadowy Jet That Belongs To America's 'Other Air Force'

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America's 'other air force' belongs to the Department of State Air Wing, a hodgepodge of more than 200 mostly vintage aircraft that includes everything from OV-10 Broncos to ancient DC-3s turboprops. The relatively modern and very modified 'DoJet' seen in these exclusive photos is apparently part of their stable.

The Fairchild-Dornier 328 family of aircraft, although not an ongoing commercial success with 327 of the type having been built before 2002, has found a big following in the US Special Operations community, which flies 17 of the turboprop versions of the aircraft. Known as the C-146 "Wolfhounds" by the USAF, these clandestine aircraft are often seen wearing civilian-style 'low-profile' paint schemes and are deployed all over the world to provide intra-theater logistical support for special operations forces.


The Department of State's aircraft in question is a turbofan powered 328Jet model of the Fairchild-Dornier 328 family, of which 110 were built. The aircraft seems to be in a similar configuration to Australia's Maritime Safety Authority's Turboprop powered 328s. These aircraft are equipped with a multi-mode pulse doppler radar built by Israel's Elta, as well as a Star SAFire III Forward Looking Infra Red turret near the left main landing gear housing. These aircraft also have an infrared line-scanner, as well as the ability to drop large items through the aircraft's lower emergency hatch and through a cargo door that is operable in-flight.

Beyond the FLIR turret, it is unclear if the DOSAW's 328Jet has all these upgrades, or possibly many more, but one thing that the State Department's 'DoJet' has that the Australian Maritime Authority's 328s don't, is a large satellite communications installation along the spine of the aircraft. Often times, these installations allow for secure communications and streaming video to be sent anywhere in the world, which would indicate that this aircraft has a prominent communications amd/or command and control role.


As far as what this aircraft's true mission may be, it remains unclear. Maybe it works as part of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) to chase drug traffickers and nacro-terrorists in South America, or maybe it operates as a high-priority transport for State Department officials. It is unlikely that the jet was procured to operate in areas where Man Portable Air Defense Systems are prevalent, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the aircraft lacks missile launch detectors (MLSs) and any visible infrared countermeasures of any kind.


The Fairchild-Dornier 328 is a gorgeous aircraft that looks more organic than mechanical in nature, as if they are grown not built. So whatever this new shadow jet's mission truly is, it will look brazenly futuristic and elegant among the C-27s, Ch-46s, Air Tractors, Hueys and other workhorses at the DOSAW's base at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach, Florida.


A very special thanks to Spot_USA_Aviation on flickr for sharing these great images of the DOSAW's DoJet and to our good friend Russel Hill, also on flickr, for sharing his picture of the AFSOC C-146 Worlfhound. Make sure to check out both of their pages for some great aviation photography!

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