Check Out The Most Eccentric Car Collection In The World

If you've hung around here long enough, you know Junkman as the commenter-turned-Jalopnik-motoring-conscience and tireless procurer of awesome, oddball vehicles — some even seen here first. More than anyone we know, Junkman, aka Myron Vernis, has truly turned the Jalopnik dream into reality.


Like many who end up gracing these pages, Junkman got his start as a commenter back in the early days. Realizing early on that he had similar automotive proclivities as the writers here, he continued to contribute tips and suggest orphaned, one-off and forgotten cars for us to check out — most of which we had no idea existed. We soon found out he wasn't just a talker, he was a doer.

For example, taking his rare 1962 Deutsch-Bonnett Le Mans Spider, and plopping in a Pontiac 400 V8, and, after seeing a Honda Coupe 9 on these pages, buying one of his own. As the e-mails piled in, we realized those feats barely scratched the surface of the Junkman automotive lifestyle. Indeed, he was living the Jalopnik dream.

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On this episode of Jalopnik on Drive, we reunite with Junkman at his Ohio garage to check out his most recent collection of awesomeness. There's little doubt it's the most Jalopnik car collection ever assembled, and it's got the pedigree to prove it.


This is a proper car collector, who collects cars not because they're fast, expensive, rare, or fashionable, but just because there's something about them that he likes. No other reason. He just likes them. He's also a tinkerer, has a interesting imagination and sense of humor, and has a brain full of all kinds of obscure automotive knowledge.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Jalop. This is the Jalop. He needs nothing more than his own quirky enthusiasm to have fun, regardless of the impressions of others.