This morning, Fiat Chrysler’s design team put on a bad-ass car show. There was an Acura NSX, an awesome Datsun wagon, a Chrysler Turbine Car and even a Volvo Pickup. Come check out those cars and more in the video we grabbed live earlier.

We all know that Fiat Chrysler’s design team—led by noted coolest car guy ever, Ralph Gilles—is awesome. To fortify that point, the designers hosted a sweet car show at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum just outside their Corporate Headquarters building in Auburn Hills.

It was Fiat Chrysler Design’s first-ever Cars and Coffee, but you wouldn’t know it based on the attendance, because man, was there some fine sheetmetal in that parking lot.

I got it all on live video this morning, as you may have noticed if you were on our Facebook page around 9 a.m. Here’s the video of me spazzing out over pretty metal:


What I wasn’t able to capture during that live stream was the sound (or lack thereof) of the Chrysler Turbine Car. Listen to this thing smoothly wiz by:

A few pictures I snapped at the show:

Dodge Power Wagon


Volvo Pickup
American Muscle
Talk about a stark contrast


A true hot rod and a fake one with a four-speed slushbox.
A JK Wrangler with Jurassic Park livery.
R32 JDM goodness