Check Out The 2014 Corvette’s Digital Instruments

We've already driven (digitally) the 2014 Corvette, and now Chevy has shown us the car's new, digital instrument panel, as well.


We can see that the C7 ‘Vette will redline somewhere around 7,000 RPM. The video released by Chevy shows the needle going up about 6,250, but there are notches above 7K.

We also see that the next Corvette will have a little digital picture of itself in the center of the tach, which is cute. It's also cute that Chevy switched in a picture of a current-gen C6 Corvette into that spot for this teaser video. But hey, we've already shown you what the whole 2014 Corvette is going to look like.

Hopefully the whole interior gets a lot better for the Corvette so internet forum-ites can stop incessantly deriding the car over it.


(Hat tip to Taku Warrior!)


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