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Charlize Theron Will Kick Everyone’s Asses In Fast & Furious 8

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Charlize Theron, the Academy Award-winning star of movies like Monster, Prometheus, and, of course, the movie that everyone else seems to like but I actually despise, Mad Max: Fury Road, was just named as the main villain of Fast & Furious 8.


The casting was announced in a tweet, because how else would it be announced:


Theron’s casting has apparently been the works for some time, with Variety reporting that the producers of the film approached her before it even had a script ready. Theron reportedly made a wise decision, refusing to commit before it was finished, as this is a film franchise that has made The Fast and the Furious, but also, 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Good call Charlize. (We’re on a first name basis by the way now, that happens between blogs and actors in this film franchise. Please, Charlize, say hello to Vin for me.)

And it’s at this point where we might actually start wondering if this film franchise is going to start getting, I don’t know, good? Alright, I know, the last one made all of the money in the world, and Vin Diesel definitely thinks it is the greatest ever.

But Avatar also made money, and that movie was trash.

But Theron brings real acting heft to this, along with real action chops. She even beats out Vin Diesel for the title of “most interesting person in the franchise,” though he still does have Multifacial.


No word yet, however, on what role Dame Helen Mirren will be playing.

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General Mayhem

You dispise MM-FR but love the F&F franchise? Credibility, meet open window...