Photo: Captainoops/YouTube

Watch a man confidently drive his car into a deep water puddle, only to quickly—and hilariously—see the error of his ways.

I think I have found my new hero. In a fairly old video (from 2013), a British driver decided to record himself plowing through a flooded road. “Charge!”he yells, filled with optimism. Within seconds, his car is up to the hood with water, his exclamations change. “Bad choice! Bad choice!”

The car slowly shudders to a halt, and the man can only muster a plaintive “Oh....... shit.”

I’ve been there before. Just before hydro-locking my Jeep, I recall driving through the mud puddle yelling something along the lines of “Yeehaw!” only then to quickly follow it up with “Oh no no no!” when the whole hood dipped into the deep pit.


Then the engine blew up and I, like the man in the video, could only quietly mumble “Oh.....shit.”

Hopefully his car wasn’t damaged as badly as my Jeep.