Changing Your Brakes Is An Easy Way To Start Doing It Yourself

Ask anyone meddling in the mechanical realm and they’ll tell you that the brakes are one of the most important systems on your car. A bad set of pads and rotors can spell disaster on the street, but that’s not the only environment where brakes matter. Want to go faster on the track? A good set of brakes — coupled with the right tires — is the first step to shaving down seconds.


You might think that one of the most important systems of your car would be hideously complex, but it’s really not. With a handful of common tools, a cold beverage and a few of your favorite expletives, you’ll be back out there terrorizing the streets with a new set of stoppers for hundreds less than what a shop would charge you. Today we’ll be taking you through the whole process, using Chris’s 2007 Infiniti G35, and showing you what tools you need to change your own brakes.

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So, start with the one thing that, if you do it wrong may be very dangerous and if you mess up you can’t drive it to a shop? There are better entry points to DIY and most are not on daily drivers.