Changes for next year’s Nissan GT-R

We already know that the Nissan GT-R has been updated for next year but previously details have been scarce. We only know the suspension had been updated, a diffuser with cooling ducts had been added (previously only on the SpecV) and some reduction in airflow resistance to better engine response at low to mid-range engine speeds.

Nissan Europe’s press release has the changes in better detail:

  • Front spring and damper rates have been changed to improve ride comfort, and for more accurate control of suspension movement for better responsiveness.
  • The rear suspension radius rod bushings have been made stiffer to give improved feel and responsiveness during cornering.
  • Computer logic that controls torque distribution between the front and rear axles have been changed to reduce rear axle binding that occurs when differential fluids are cold.
  • Transmission logic has been altered to give a later downshift from 6th gear to 5th gear when being driven in automatic mode. A more aggressive downshift has been applied for changing from 4 to 3 and 3 to 2.
  • NACA cooling ducts added to the rear diffuser which provides better airflow to cool the exhaust and transmission (mounted at rear).
  • Front transmission mount has been stiffened and this reduces vibration through the driveline under high-load conditions.
  • EBD logic has been moved to apply more brake power rearwards to improve braking stability under dry conditions.
  • Rear brake cross spring design has been improved to reduce noise.
  • An improved air deflector design increases cooling to the rear brakes, which is probably needed now that the EBD has increased rear brake bias.
  • CO2 emissions have dropped by 3g/km – now at 295g/km.
  • Better insulation for the rear seats, improving cabin NVH.
  • Double layer clearcoat for the bumpers.
  • Gun metallic finish surrounds for the speedometer and RPM meter.
  • New audio-navi system with 40GB HDD storage (9.3GB for music), 3D navigation with Point of Interest supplied by Michelin (restaurants, etc), A2DP bluetooth audio streaming, voice-controlled menu operation and higher resolution 7 inch screen (4 times better resolution).

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