Chainlink Is Rock Crawling, Transforming Super Buggy

The sport of rock crawling. Man and his machine, working together to best ridiculous obstacles. We're pretty shocked we haven't stumbled across this yet, but this truck has been on the web longer than the Jalop has been on the air. Cameron Carlson is by all accounts man who thinks outside the box. While others (in 2003) were still making a go of it with long travel suspensions and articulating axle strategies, Cameron went with a different approach. In his garage over the course of three years, he designed and fabricated a completely one off... something.

We're not really sure how to describe Calson's creation as it doesn't have all the right parts. It rides on four independent arms, each hydraulically controlled with cab levers to move them up and down. A drive chain runs down the length of each arm and connects to the wheel. The steering is done by way of hydraulics and brake skidding. The eyewitness to the madness at the 2003 Superlift ProRock Championship reports a virtual wheel articulation of over six feet in the front. That, is utter insanity. This rig has got to be floating around somewhere. [via Pirate4x4]


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