Celebrate 75 Years Of Jaguar With Our 7.5 Favorite Jags

Jaguar is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion we've put together our favorite examples of the breed — all seven-and-a-half of them. The best from the leaping-cat breed below.

1.) Jaguar XKSS


The roadgoing version of the painfully epic D-Type, the XKSS introduced the monocoque design philosophy to car building in addition to looking like something a yesteryear Batman would drive, were he into high-profile racing. Steve McQueen had one, 'nuff said.

2.) Jaguar XK150

Purists will cry foul, but the XK150 was the final and in our opinion best evolution of the original XK platform. In 1960 it was fitted with the first incarnation of the legendary 3.8-liter inline six producing 220 HP. It also looked like sex on wheels.

3.) Jaguar Mark 2


The Mark 2 was basically the sedan version of the XK150: a 220 HP 3.8-liter straight six and miles upon mile of unapologetic British style. Some might say the original S-Type is a more significant car, but something about the Mark 2 just looks more... right

Photo credit GreatEscapeCars

4) Jaguar E-Type


It's very possible there will never be a car in either convertible or coupe form more beautiful than the E-Type. Not only was it beautiful, it was brilliantly designed and shockingly cheap in the era. Of course, now good examples are selling for four or five times original asking price. Pristine examples? Nosebleed territory.

5.) Jaguar XJR-15


Only Jaguar has the balls to offer a LeMans winning race car for the road with a 450 HP 6-liter V12 and an un-synchronized 6-speed manual transmission. Only fifty were built but every one a testament to manliness and the pursuit of being awesome.

6.) Jaguar XJR


Call us biased (because we are), but the X308 XJR is the ultimate evolution of the classic saloon form which started out in with the 1966 Jag 420. One of the few cars you look equally right stepping out of either dressed in a tux or carrying a shotgun, or both.

7.) Jaguar XFR


As much as we like the XJR, we're more than willing to admit its chassis is a 40-year-old flexi-flyer and it doesn't handle all that well. The XFR on the other hand is an all-around bone crusher of a car. Fast and beautiful and aggressive. We're still very sad pedestrian laws killed off the leaper though.

7 1/2.) Jaguarchero


This used to be an XJS V12, but when the hind-end was chopped off and lined with diamond plate , the Jaguarchero stands stridently with one foot in horribly unreliable handsomeness and party-in-the-back car-truck good times.

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