Catch Fence Has One Job, Blows It Spectacularly

Driver Joey Saldana’s sprint car had a wild ride at an All Star Circuit of Champions race at Volusia Speedway Park Wednesday, flipping over the fence and into the stands. The most incredible part of this crash is that no major injuries were reported as a result.

Saldana collided with Jason Johnson’s car coming off turn 2 while battling for second place in the A-Main race of the night, reports PennLive. Saldana’s car then hopped over the 10-foot catch fence, over several fans standing near the fence, and then across the bottom of the stands and into a light pole.


The slow-mo view shows the car flipping over the stands, which thankfully didn’t look too populated at the bottom.

[H/T Paulo!]

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My M-5 key fob is proof enough

that is not a “catch fence” that is just plain old chain link fencing. It appears it’s main purpose is to keep drunk fans off of the track.