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A dash cam recorded a pickup truck tailgate then side-swipe a sedan on San Diego's Interstate 8 last Saturday, sending both vehicles tumbling like a cartoon animal fight in the breakdown lane.

There's really no "right" way to do road rage, it's only a terrific way to stick a wrench in the spokes of society. But I don't think the pilot of this pickup planned to reduce her own vehicle to a bouncing ball of metal when she rammed her way into a smaller car.

NBC7 says a woman named Stephanie Pontarollo was driving the truck, engaged in what they describe as a "high speed fight" with Kelsey Shakespeare driving the sedan. California Highway Patrol has not confirmed this is an incident of road rage, but the attack looks pretty damn deliberate from here.

If investigators agree, Pontarollo could be looking at charges from assault with a deadly weapon to attempted murder. No word yet on what proved the outburst, assuming the truck wasn't just dodging a kitty in the road or something.

What do you say, folks— Are we looking at an egregious act of assholishness or just a gnarly accident?


Hat tip to Alex Wong!