Cars Like The 2001 Pontiac Trans-Am Are Why Europeans Think American Cars Are Garbage

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Regular Car Reviews goes on an on about how this 2001 car is faster than a V6 2015 Ford Mustang, but we must not forget that this Fiberbird generation represents one of the darkest hours in car design.

I totally understand that despite being the sporty brand, Pontiac was never allowed to build its own Corvette because the beancounters at Old GM™ feared for Chevy’s sales. I also get that being built on the Camaro’s platform meant Pontiac had to use the same doors and fenders as Chevrolet’s pony car while their design team had to figure out a way to make it look different anyway.

But what didn’t feel particularly right in 1993 became an absolute joke by 2001, and while having a rear-wheel drive car with an LS1 under the hood makes up for a lot, no torque figure can make you forget what people have to look at when you drive this thing in public.


Of all the ridiculous American cars Hungarians managed to import in the last 25 years, seeing these Firebirds around hits me the hardest.

When you melt down cheap plastic in an oil barrel and pour it onto four spare tires with a forklift, this is what you’ll get, although results may vary.

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