Cars And Coffee Dumbass Crash Season Is Here Again. Watch As A Hellcat Flips Over A Silverado

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The past year of pandemic-related stoppings of almost everything was miserable. But I suppose if you really had to dig up a bright side, you could say that there were fewer morons coming out of Cars and Coffee events in cars they really aren’t equipped to handle, causing wrecks and ruining things.


Now that we’re getting vaccinated and the world is slowly restarting, it looks like we’re wasting no time getting back into it. Yes, I think this is 2021's first significant Idiot Ruining Everything by Trying to Show Off Leaving a Cars and Coffee. This was in Loveland, Colorado, and a Chevy Silverado truck was the victim.

The perpetrator was the driver of a black Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, complete with a red Hellcat logo on the outside and a lot of misplaced confidence on the inside.

As you’ve probably guessed, there are multiple videos of the dumb crash, so you may as well watch:

Oof. That looks like someone’s work truck just passing through, not expecting to get flipped onto its back by a dummy at the reins of 700+ horsepower.

It looks like the Hellcat almost-pilot gave the car the beans just as he approached the truck, but then lost control and began to immediately and pretty dramatically veer into the Silverado. The Hellcat smacks the pickup just ahead of the rear axle and continues to push it, eventually flipping it onto its side and then rolling it onto its roof before finally coming to a stop.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt, though the Silverado driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Loveland’s Cars and Coffee didn’t fare as well, with the organizers announcing the events would be “no more after this.”


As the hosts say in their Instagram post, it just takes one person to ruin things for everybody.

While I know nobody reading this would ever do something so embarrassing, dangerous and stupid, it’s worth a reminder that nobody gives a shit that some jackass thinks they can demonstrate their mastery of raw power turning out of a parking lot onto a public street.


Rev your engine (well, if you’re not bothering the hell out of the locals), wave, flash your lights, play music. There are all kinds of things you can do to leave a C&C in a festive way. Almost killing a dude just driving by isn’t one of them.

It’s not cool, it’s not impressive. It’s just a way to ruin a fun morning full of cars for lots of people you never even met.


What a dipshit.

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Sid Bridge

...and now Silverado guy is both literally and figuratively upside down in that truck.