Carroll Shelby Tribute Mustang May Premiere At Detroit

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The death of Carroll Shelby left a Texas-sized hole in our hearts. He could be a litigious bastard at moments, but he was passionate and funny and built some of the best cars of the last century.

We hear from spy photographer and otherwise in-the-know chopper pilot Chris Doane that he had "yet another hint this morning morning that a Carroll Shelby tribute Mustang will debut at NAIAS."


Sounds right to us, although just about any hi-po Mustang is sort of a tribute to Shelby. If Doane's right (he usually is) then this could be one of the most valuable 'Stangs in years as people will pay ridiculous money for anything with the late Shelby's name on it.

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Things a Shelby tribute mustang will have: More badges, more power. Things a Mustang GT 500 doesn't need: More badges, More Power.