Carlos Sainz Nearly Takes Out Spectators In Terrifying Dakar Crash

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Note to spectators: on a curve on the edge of an exposed ravine isn’t the smartest place to stand when attempting to watch one of the most dangerous rallies on the planet.

Rally legend and father of some Formula One driver I can’t remember the name of Carlos Sainz Sr. was forced to retire after this terrifying rollover into a ravine, reports Red Bull. Sainz lost over two hours because of the roll, which put him out of contention for a rally win. He was only 3.1 miles from the end of Stage 4.

Sainz and codriver Lucas Cruz were trying to make up for lost time from an earlier navigational error when the roll occurred, per Road & Track. Sainz ran wide on the turn, essentially becoming a passenger in the car thanks to the lack of runoff. Fortunately, Sainz escaped with only a little pain in his back, however, his Peugeot 3008DKR’s cooling system and gearbox were both damaged.

The spectators appear to have run away in time to escape harm.

Dakar has not been kind to some of its biggest names. Two-time winner and possible savior of Volkswagen’s 2017 WRC cars Nasser Al-Attiyah retired the morning after Stage 3 due to extensive damage to his Toyota Hilux caused by a giant pothole, per Red Bull.


They don’t make Hiluxes like they used to, man. Al-Attiyah’s accident happened while he was leading the rally, making it even more painful to see.


Stage 3 also took out last year’s winning motorcycle rider Toby Price with a broken femur. If 12-time Dakar Rally winner Stephane Peterhansel wasn’t in the lead, I’d say Dakar wants a brand-new set of winners this year.

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