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Carl Edwards Wins Rain-Shortened Race In Texas, Earns Spot In Championship Finale

Photo credit: Sarah Crabill/Getty Images
Photo credit: Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

When sprinkles came down for the first time after NASCAR finally got the rain-delayed AAA Texas 500 underway, race leader Carl Edwards tried to convince everyone to stop it right there. He lost the battle and the race restarted on lap 270, but he still managed to get his way with 40 to go.


The rain picked up at that point, leading NASCAR to call the race with Edwards in the lead. Under NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship format, that gives him a guaranteed spot in the final four drivers competing for the Sprint Cup Series title at Homestead-Miami Speedway—which will be decided by finishing order in the race—in a couple of weeks. He joins Jimmie Johnson, who won the Martinsville Speedway race last Sunday.

One race remains before the championship finale, and six drivers are still in contention for the two remaining spots. Let the real fun begin.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Update to earlier post this week. Was watching race on laptop that crappy Monaco Toyota commercial came on at first, but luckily switched right away to the digital commercial of Mobil featuring the Mclaren-Honda which is objectively doing better with the crappiest engine on the field these past two season than Toyota really ever did in their several years.

Too bad Mobil is leaving for Red Bull.