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Carjacking isn't exactly a science. Attack a driver, get them out of the car, drive away. See? I've never done it, and I'm basically an expert. Oh, there's one other thing: Make sure you can drive the car you're stealing. That's key.


Last March, Anthony Reynolds of Newark, NJ decided to carjack a man driving a Porsche 911 Turbo. Reynolds appears to be a man of discerning taste. It seems he appreciates history and the precision that only a 911 can offer. He just can't afford one, so he had to get it through other means.

Unfortunately, he wasn't adequately prepared to take full advantage of the full power of the 911 Turbo: Reynolds couldn't operate the mystical technology known as a manual transmission. While his accomplice sped off in a stolen BMW, Reynolds ground gears and then took off on foot.


He was caught quickly by police that were flagged down by the Porsche's owner. Reynolds was just sentenced to 55 months behind bars. This isn't official, but I believe that only eight of those months are for trying to steal a car at gun point. The other 47 are for not knowing how to drive stick.

(Hat tip to claydos66!)

Photo Credit: The Car Spy via flickr

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