Carbon Motors Releases Actual Photos Of Their E7 Police Car

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Carbon Motors finally released non-computer generated pictures of their E7 purpose-built police car, countering concerns that the vehicle was merely vaporware. The company has been claiming for at least a year now that the E7 will be the police car of the future but hasn't provided much in the way of proof. These photos appear not only to be real, but to also show a car similar to the computer illustrations, including the integrated push-bar and LED lights.
According to the company, it'll feature a turbodiesel engine and an aluminum spaceframe chassis. It'll also come equipped with license plate recognition, 360-degree exterior surveillance, shotgun mounts, backup cameras and forward-looking infrared. We're still not sure that this isn't vaporware, but having a working prototype is a step in the right direction. [Source: Carbon Motors]


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Well, knock me down with a feather. I was convinced that this was a pie-in-the-sky vaporware thing, but I guess I was wrong. And it has everything that I would have put into a squad car too.

The integrated LED emergency lights in the windshield and sides are something I've thought about and wondered why someone hadn't come up with before. Same goes for the wide opening suicide rear doors. Getting perps into the rear will be much easier and safer for the officers.

An earlier post mentioned that doors weren't bulletproof in current police cars. I remember reading awhile back that a little publicized option on the Crown Vics was Kevlar inserts in the doors. Maybe not full armoring, but better than nothing. I'm betting this car has them as standard equipment.