Car Thief Gets Carjacked In Stolen Car

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Proving there's no honor among thieves, a lowly car thief in Salinas, California was sitting outside a convenience store in his stolen SIlverado pickup when a more violent and armed criminal jumped in the passenger seat and demanded the thief drive the truck away. The carjacker and the car thief hit a bit of a snag when their twice-stolen Chevy ran out of gas. The carjacker then ordered the thief to get out and push, but that untrustworthy thief merely ran away...and called police to report the carjacking of his stolen truck.


Police eventually caught up with the Silverado (we're assuming he didn't imagine the other guy would call the cops) and the carjacker led them on a short chase that ended in a wreck. Said local police, "you couldn't make up something stranger than this." Actually, in our version Shia LaBeouf is driving. Victory: us! [AP via Dallas News]

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True story. In 1988, I was working in NJ and went to Patterson to pick up merchandise from another store. While waiting alongside the buidling, I watched a guy in front of me leaning in a parked car. Regrettably, he was white and I thought nothing of it, until a black guy walked up. Things got a bit animated, then all of a sudden, the white guy jumped out of the car and ran down the street with the black guy in pursuit. Needless to say, I had to re-evaluated my mindset when the black guy came back and told me HE WAS THE CAR'S OWNER.