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Car Thief Drives Mazda6 Down Bus Station Staircase in Madrid

The car got stuck on the stairs at Plaza Elíptica station. The thief escaped, but was arrested soon after.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A 36-year-old man stole a Mazda 6 and proceeded to get stuck on the stairs of a bus and train station in Spain late Tuesday night. No one was hurt in the incident, including the thief, but first responders in the capital city of Madrid had to come to the aid of the car thief and winch the Mazda sedan up a staircase, according to Periodismo del Motor (link in Spanish).

Spanish authorities gave a brief report detailing the theft and eventual recovery of the Mazda at the hands of the Madrid Municipal Firefighters. The first-gen Mazda 6 is an underrated sedan, but there are better, more legal ways of enjoying the car’s dynamics.

Vehículo dentro del Intercambiador de Plaza Elíptica

Reports said the thief drove the Mazda 6 through an access road meant for city buses at the Plaza Elíptica. The driver smashed the Mazda through the double doors of the station and rolled down the stairs, where the car became stuck between the handrails, as Periodismo reports.


The thief reportedly escaped through a window, but was later apprehended. The thief was unhurt, but Madrid Municipal Police nonetheless took the 36-year-old to a nearby hospital.


It sounds like an eventful night for all those involved: firefighters, police and the nurses and doctors who likely treated the thief. Luckily, there were no commuters around when the stolen Mazda 6 crashed into the station, and no bystanders were injured. The incident happened at around midnight; Plaza Elíptica station is open to commuters daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, so the station was empty at the time.

I like to imagine myself riding the adjacent escalator down — hopefully avoiding being run over and/or any flying debris — as the car crashed down the staircase and saying aloud, “Oh, look, an old Mazda 6. Don’t see those around much.”

Local reports say the details of the incident are still unknown, but the police claim they are currently investigating the case.