Car Show Car Crash Season Is On

Spring is here! The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and people are acting a fool leaving car shows and getting their asses handed to them. Even vintage Morgan owners can’t be counted out.

This wood-framed Morgan 4/4 took a huge hit from an oncoming Peugeot hatchback this weekend leaving a car show, as video uploader AdamC explains:

I was filming a Morgan 4/4 pull out of a junction, when this rather scary crash happened. The Morgan tried to accelerate to get in front of the Peugeot. However the Peugeot was going down hill, and the Morgan was trying to speed up a hill, so the momentum was on neither of their sides. The speed limit along this road is 50mph for anyone wondering. The police immediately turned up and dealt with the scene, and I passed on my details to both sides as I caught the incident, but there were no injuries luckily. This shook me up quite a bit, witnessing and filming something like this.


Part of me is amazed that a genteel Morgan owner is just as susceptible to car show crashes as a Mustang driver, and another part of me is amazed that the Morgan didn’t just break in half on impact.

Be safe out there, friends. Don’t let the spring bug get you and your car shithoused.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


CarsofFortLangley - Oppo Forever

Ouch, that impact probably knocked his monocle out.