Car Plunges Over Niagara Falls Following Crash That Killed Its Driver

The car involved in a crash that killed the woman driving it finally crests the Niagara Falls a week later

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Niagara Falls in winter
The car plunged over Niagara Falls this weekend
Photo: Geoff Robins / Contributor (Getty Images)

Last week, a woman died after crashing her car into the Niagara River very close to the lip of the 160-foot falls. A successful attempt was made to recover the woman’s body, and her car later crashed over the falls following gusty wind storms this weekend.

The woman crashed into the river above Niagara Falls on Wednesday (December 8). Rescue operations saw the U.S. Coast Guard lower aviation survival technician second class Derrian Duryea down from a helicopter to pull the woman’s body out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the woman—who has not yet been named—was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman’s car remained stuck in the river almost 50-yards from the edge of Niagara Falls.


Now, local news site WIBV4 reports that this weekend’s strong winds coupled with stormy conditions have brought the car crashing over the edge of the falls.

The site said:

“A spokesperson with NYS Parks Niagara Region confirmed to News 4 the car plunged over the falls, though a timeline of when it went over isn’t known. The vehicle has been drifting closer to the edge over the past few days. Niagara Falls faced wind gusts of over 50 mph Saturday night as damaging winds swept through Western New York.”


NYS Parks and WIBV4, along with Twitter account Niagara Action confirm the movement of the car over the falls. The user shared an image showing the car at the top of the falls on December 11, and another from December 12 showing the site that the car was previously stuck.


Reports do not say whether the car has been located at the base of the falls or further down the Niagara River.