Car Plowing Onto A Train Ruins My Commute

Usually, when a car and a train collide, the train wins. Almost always. But every so often someone, usually in Brooklyn, goes for their best Grand Theft Auto moment, and tries to actually park a car on top of a train. And somehow, this time, the car won.

Everyone else lost, though. Seriously. I'm sitting here, right now, instead of commuting to the office, on that very train line, like I do every day, because somebody tried to park a goddamn car on top of it.


"Expect delays," the official New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority says.

No kidding.

The cause of the incident hasn't been released yet, but it looks like something caused the Nissan to drive straight up over an embankment that is supposed to protect the open-cut line between the Cortelyou and Beverley Road stations on the Q line. And the driver magically timed it so perfectly as to do it at the precise moment when the train was running past.


Amazingly, it doesn't appear as if anybody was killed, least not of all the people sitting in that subway car, just trying to get to work when a goddamn Nissan fell on their heads.

I hope the driver is okay, but once again I hate the New York City Subway.

Photos credit the MTA

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