Car Explodes Because Of, Uh, Air Freshener

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This is yet another great reason to quit smoking. Yesterday, a Ford Focus exploded in Southend, England. The car’s driver, a 51-year-old woman named Sharon Victoria Druitt, had just purchased some air freshener. She later outlined what happened next: “I put the air freshener in the backseat, lit a cigarette, turned the engine on then bang.”

Druitt suffered only minor injuries in the incident, authorities told The Daily Mail though pictures from the scene reveal her car fared much worse.


From The Daily Mail:

Firefighters said gases leaking from the freshener were ignited by the cigarette - and her car’s doors, roof and windscreen were blown out in a ‘very loud bang’.

Ms Druitt managed to scramble out of the car after the windscreen was hurled into the air, and is now being treated for burns to her arm at Southend Hospital.


A man who saw the car blazing after the explosion said: ‘I have never heard anything like it.


‘Then I just heard screams and ran to the car and all the windows were smashed and the doors were buckled. The whole car park is covered in bits of car.’

Please be careful with cigarettes and aerosol.