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Car Dealers So Awful They Make Tesla, Sierra Club And Koch Bros Team Up

Illustration for article titled Car Dealers So Awful They Make Tesla, Sierra Club And Koch Bros Team Up

What do Tesla, the Sierra Club, and the Koch Brothers have in common? Car dealers, if you can believe it.


The Koch Bros' political action committee, Americans For Prosperity, have joined forces with the Sierra Club and other public interest groups in a Tesla-backed letter to sell cars direct to consumers. What's that old adage about politics and strange bedfellows?

The letter was sent to governors and legislators in an attempt to sway them to support Tesla's battle to sell its electric cars without dealing with independent dealers.


It was co-signed by 10 organizations, including the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, consumer-protection agencies, environmental groups, and free-marketeers. That also includes the AFP, which has been a ridiculously vocal opponent of Obamacare, along with plenty of sleazy schemes, including posting fake eviction notices on homes in Detroit and trying to get a cat registered to vote.

"Some of us frequently find ourselves on different sides of public policy debates," the letter states. "However, we now find common ground on an issue of considerable public importance concerning state laws that restrict the purchase and sale of automobiles."

While the letter goes into detail about Tesla's trials and tribulations with franchise dealer laws, the letter makes it clear that this isn't just about one automaker.


You can read it in full below and revel in the idea that dealers are so bad it's caused the Kochs and the Sierra Club were forced to team up.

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Few talking points on the subject. Since I have some play in this.

1. Do auto manf. actually want to own all those brick an mortar locations to sell their vehicles? Do they want the liability that goes along with them?

2. Are the manf. going to take in trades and give (somewhat) reasonable trade-in prices to accommodate customers?

3. Are the manf. going to have a "used car side" to sell other manf. brand cars as well?

4. Are manf. going to become "sellers" for these trade ins that now need to be sold at auction?

5. Are the manf. going to want to deal with the payment, finance, and title issues that dealerships have to deal with as well? (probably the least of their worries, but title nightmares suck)

As much as they're hated, dealerships do a lot that auto manf. don't want to deal with. Are all auto manf. even on board with selling straight to the customer or is that just a Tesla thing?

Ok, flame suit on, I'm ready :)