Car Dealer Trying To Screw Enthusiast Out Of Challenger SRT8 Auction?

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Thanks to a craptastically-configured auction, a member of the ChallengerTalk forums snagged a steal-of-a-deal on a usually-goes-for-$45K Dodge Challenger SRT8 for just $29,100. Now the Signal Hill, CA car dealer's trying to back out of the deal.


It feels to us like car dealers just don't get the internet in general and the rules of eBay in specific. First it was that BMW dealer that tried to back out of a deal, then it was the Hyundai dealer who didn't set a reserve price on a track pack-equipped Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Now another car dealer's trying to back out of a poorly-managed eBay auction which didn't go their way. This time it's Glenn E Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Signal Hill, CA who placed a listing for a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 decked out in a handsome shade of blue, it even has a manual transmission.

We spoke to Alex, the auction winner, who won the car at the sweetheart price of $29,100 and was all ready to get going with his new Challenger. Unfortunately for him, Glenn E Thomas isn't interested in selling the car at a deep discount. We spoke to a representative of the dealer as well, and they're claiming there was a mistake with the listing, and the car should've gone for more. Alex is claiming a deal's a deal. We're hard at work getting to the bottom of things. More to come shortly. [eBay listing in question]



Not to be the odd man out here, but this is ridiculous. The listing Dealer makes an honest mistake by not setting a reserve, and along comes an opportunist to take advantage of it. He'll press the issue and get the car for thousands less than it's worth, and some poor guy with a family to feed will lose his job because he forgot to click a bubble when setting up the auction (or just didn't know how to work eBay, this being their first time listing a car). Fuck that guy and his kids though, because I got me a smokin' deal on a Challenger, amiright?

Mistakes happen. If I go into a store and find a $100 product that someone has mis-tagged at $10, take it to the counter and the guy says "Whoops- someone put the wrong tag on this", then I say "Oh. Well never mind then" and go on my merry way. I don't lawyer up and expect them to lose money because someone made an honest mistake.

Is the dealer a dumbass for getting in over his head on eBay without knowing how it operates? Yes.

Is the customer "legally" entitled to the car for that ridiculous price? Probably.

How many of you however, can step outside the box of "Guy posting on the Internet", look at this, and not feel that on a human level, this is wrong? I can't.

What the hell happened to common decency and understanding? We, as a society, have turned into a bunch of opportunistic assholes who are always looking to take advantage of anyone's mistake for our own gain, and to hell with how it affects them. I get the whole "Screw the car dealer because they always screw us!" mentality, but this shit's ridiculous.