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Assuming the sound of screeching tires means you will soon have a car in your living room might sound paranoid, but one homeowner has a pretty good reason to be concerned about the nuances of traffic around his home in Haverhill, Ma.


When a Dodge Durango crashed into the living room of a house owned by Jim Curtis this past week it was the fifth time a vehicle crashed into the house since his family bought it in 1954. In that time nearly every side of the house has been hit.

Curtis was using the computer a few feet from where the SUV hit the house, but got up and moved out of the way when he heard the sound of a vehicle attempting to slow down. Luckily neither the homeowner or the apologetic teenage driver behind the wheel of the Dodge were injured in the crash.


While it sounds like a case of ridiculously bad luck, Curtis explained it is the houses close proximity to a bad corner and a busy intersection that makes it such a vehicular target. He plans to petition the state to install a guardrail in front of his house in an attempt to prevent another automotive attack on his home.

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[CBS Boston]

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