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Car Crashes Into Huge Rocks Family Used To Fortify House From Continuous Car Crashes

Footage via FOX8

A 76-year-old woman ran a stop sign and flipped her van over a pile of massive rocks sitting in the driveway of Kay and Randy Wright, which they put there to fortify against the constant flow of cars that keep crashing into their house.


The home security footage captured by the Wrights shows the van drive straight through a stop sign at a T-shaped intersection and into their front yard. Unfortunately for the homeowners, their driveway is directly across the street from the stop sign that people keep running.


Here’s the report from FOX 8:

The random plot of gardening filled with six tons of rock sitting in the Wright’s driveway was designed and installed to prevent cars from crashing into their home after the husband was nearly killed shoveling the driveway back in 2011.

According to the couple, this latest crash is the fourth time it’s happened in 14 years of living there.


The 76-year-old driver of the van that rolled over the rocky fortification and into the Wright’s yard was reportedly fine. It’s unclear exactly why this sort of thing keeps happening, though. That’s not fine. Here’s the view:

Illustration for article titled Car Crashes Into Huge Rocks Family Used To Fortify House From Continuous Car Crashesem/emem/em

Don’t people, you know, see the house in front of them? How has the city not done anything to help these poor people, instead forcing them to scatter their driveway with mulch and rocks? Mr. Wright legitimately almost died back in 2011! That footage is horrifying!

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Bet you there’s more than one lawyer who has/had tried to convince the driver that they can sue the homeowners for placing the rocks there. After all if the rocks weren’t there he would have crashed into their house which would have likely been less injurious to him. They have created a hazard.