Car Crash Victim's Funeral Nearly Causes Fatal Car Crash

A funeral procession nearly caused a fatal car/motorcycle crash this weekend. Ironically, the funeral procession was for a person killed in a car crash.

We're riding onboard with Cody Vice as he and his buddies (as well as a car driver) come to a stop for a funeral procession on Suck Creek Road in Tennessee. We then hear the screeching tires of an inattentive pickup truck driver skidding into the back of the car in front of Vice. If Vice hadn't pulled over to the side of the road, he'd be dead meat.

Vice did not know that there was a funeral procession in progress, reports WRCBTV News. He only pulled because other cars ahead were stopped, possibly out of respect for the dead, possibly because one of the drivers in the procession was driving partially in the oncoming lane.

The crash has caused some local controversy over whether or not oncoming drivers should stop for funeral processions. Either way, pay attention to what's in front of you.

(Hat tip to Conor Nevins!)

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