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Car and Driver to Go Hollywood Again?

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Car and Driver's John Phillips has long been one of our very, very super-fave auto writers. Some might say he's batshit crazy. We prefer to think of him as our eccentric, Crown Vic-driving uncle. And like his fellow C/D columnist Brock Yates, author of Smokey and the Bandit II and The Cannonball Run, Phillips has been tapped by the movie industry. Phillips' book, God Wants You to Roll about two con men who sold $21 million worth of non-existent vehicles to Christians has been optioned by Grade A Productions.


What's more, Grade A also optioned the tale of the life of Texas penitentiary inmate Robert Gomez, one of the perpetrators behind the massive non-rock 'n' roll swindle. Officials in Kansas City, where Gomez and partner-in-crime James Nichols were convicted in 2003, say that Gomez shouldn't see a dime of the money; that it should go directly to the victims. Ol' JP concurs, saying, " That is absolutely where the money should go." What the hell, we'll concur, too.

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