Candidate Proposes 90 MPH "Speed Passes" Worth The Name

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Nevada, where America dumps its nuclear-proof refrigerators, retirees and certified used strippers, needs cash like a penny slot addict. One gubernatorial candidate says giving drivers a 24-hour pass to travel 90 mph could gin up $1 billion. Color us intrigued.


The plan comes from independent gubernatorial candidate Eugene "Gino" DiSimone, a engineer and hirsute lip enthusiast whose "Free Limit Plan" would be open to anyone with Nevada plates.

Here's how it would work: Owners would pay $48 to sign up their vehicle's VIN and license after a safety inspection, and get a transponder. At any time, they could dial into the state's system, pay $25 and travel up to 90 mph in certain areas for 24 hours.

State troopers who catch Free Limit-approved vehicles would get data from the transponder, setting the speeder free. DiSimone said the program could bring in $4 million a day if just 10% of Nevada drivers sign up on any given day, and more if commercial vehicles could take part.

Given that the state sports some of the straightest, most deserted roads in America, the merits seem obvious. The plan would be cheaper than the Silver State Classic Challenge, where car owners pay between $250 and $780 to run flat-out on closed public roads for just one day.

State troopers are not hip to the idea, noting the increased dangers of speed-related accidents they'd have to tackle in remote roads.

And the problem with all of this is that Gino has as much chance of winning in Nevada as Charles Barkley. While opening an American autobahn to all drivers would boost revenues, limiting the Free Limit Plan to Nevada drivers are part of DiSimone's overall "Nevada First" stance, which includes paying off state debt using gold or silver coins from state mines. He also wants to use the state National Guard to deport all illegal immigrants, have county sheriffs assert authority over federal officials and challenge Barack Obama's right to be president because Obama hasn't proved his U.S. citizenship and had a Kenyan father.


We've learned two things from this. One, good ideas can come from all parts of the political spectrum. Secondly, who knew Native Americans had a tribe named "DiSimone?"

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1. People already drive 90 + on those roads.

2. NHP gets most of their revenue from gambling

3. Getting a speeding ticket is linked to spending less money once you get to vegas (either bad emotions, bad "luck" vibes, or reduced funds)

3. So long as your headed INTO vegas, you are less likely to get a speeding ticket as you are to win that sweet viper on the rotating carousel.

5. paying to go 10 mph faster than your already going (assuming your not already doing 90) lame.

4. Letting the NHP plop a transponder on your car. Super lame

5. Charging money for advanced privileges on publicly funded grounds for no other reason than funds? Elitist (and very vegas)

6. as Justin Syrowick points out - this only goes to show that speed limits are a revenue collecting tool if we honestly think that just be coughing up a small amount will keep you safe at increased speeds. oh wait, money buys talent right?

7. Whats with the picture of 50? I've driven that road in speed capable cars and I wouldn't drive 90 on quite a bit of that road.

8. Whats the hate for cyclist? Seriously, a lot of car people are bike people too. Sure some of them are stupid...not like drivers no never. Honestly, lay off the cyclist, its their road as much as it is the cars and they are such a minor inconvenience that if they bother you its more likely your problem than theirs. Why are they on fun driving roads? Cause their fun biking roads too, duh! Plus, they are getting out of the way of 99% of traffic, just like you. "Why are all these people at this amusement park crowding it up, don't they know me and my family are more important than they are?"

9. Justin, why post a bike picture, are you a hater? fanning the flames? We need to get past this people.

Guess what, this is all my opinion/personal experience. If you have issues with it, thats cool.